KOCT – Oceanside’s Documentarian

Tom Reeser
KOCT Executive Director

One of the most valuable and unique television formats that KOCT excels at is long form documentary programs. We’ve made in-depth documentaries on subjects such as the creation of Oceanside’s Charles Moore-designed Civic Center; reconstruction of the Oceanside pier; restoration of the historic Americanization School Building and building the modern Oceanside Museum of Art.

KOCT’s tradition continues this month with two new documentaries about a 100-year-old sports institution and a 213-year-old religious and community landmark.

Simcox Field, home of the Oceanside Pirates, is a story that chronicles the past, present, and continuing legacy of Pirate Football. We hear stories of the old football stadium and its transformation into a new state-of-the-art playing field.

San Luis Rey: Origins of a Community explains the role the Mission played in the past and today in our north county community. The program features photos and drawings over the life of the Mission since its founding in 1798, its demise and its rebirth.

The reason I cite these programs as “valuable” and “unique” is that few media organizations have the structure or interest and ability to work for years on a single program as a building slowly rises or as an historic structure is restored or as a multitude of experts are interviewed over time. KOCT is committed to capturing these timeless and historically valuable programs. Where else can you enjoy quality television programming for, by and about the community in which we live? It’s a challenging experience for our young people to create long-form programs and we hope you, our viewers, will appreciate the commitment and attention we give to these massive civic and social projects.

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