KOCT’s Role in the Community – How PEG shines a light on our City Council meetings

Tom Reeser
Executive Director

I’ve told you about PEG and the many services she provides. (Now let’s not get nasty here—I’m talking about the Public, Education and Government access programming shown on KOCT.) But I can hear some of you asking, “Why should I care about a Spanish language church program or a Board of Supervisors meeting?” What good does a PEG channel do me when I have 300 others to choose from? Can you say Bell, California?

I’m going out on a limb here to tell you that Bell, California – a municipal government ripping off its own taxpayers – could not have happened in Oceanside because of KOCT.

How can I make such a bold prediction? Because of intense citizen scrutiny made possible by live television coverage of city government that KOCT shines a light on. Bell, California has no television coverage of their council meetings. For example: Bell, California held a critical election during Thanksgiving week that had minimal voter participation but set the stage for inflated staff and council salaries. Bell, California has no television coverage of election issues.

Televised coverage of local government encourages citizen oversight and involvement with our government. It illuminates elected officials’ words and deeds. Residents need PEG to shine a light on local government as KOCT has done for more than 25 years. With your support we’ll continue to serve this vital role for the next 25!

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2 Responses to KOCT’s Role in the Community – How PEG shines a light on our City Council meetings

  1. Ric Shellhammer says:

    Hey, good to see KOCT finally has a forum that others can express their views. Hope to see others get into the conversation on the role of KOCT in our community!

    Now to the post … KOCT does provide a public service but to suggest that a Bell situation could not happen in Oceanside because of KOCT is more than “out on a limb”, it is absurd. KOCT does no investigative reporting. It simply documents council meetings and events. Also, the fact that KOCT’s primary contract IS the City of Oceanside, then suggest that it is also the City Watchdog, makes the post even more absurd. Look forward to more “discussions” ….

    • Thanks for being one of the first to respond to our new Behind the Scenes of KOCT Blog.

      My purpose was to highlight the fact that KOCT provides a unique window into City Government and empowers the Citizens to be the watchdogs. I agree that KOCT does not provide investigative reporting. It is my belief and conviction that the wealth of community information that KOCT “shines a light on” provides a greater level of citizen scrutiny than was afforded the ripped-off taxpayers in Bell California.

      Thanks for your comments.

      -Tom Reeser, KOCT Executive Director

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