KOCT Insider’s Look

Julia Swain
Production Team

Welcome to the KOCT Insider’s Look. I’m Julia, and I’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes of our studio shows and many programs we produce here at the station. KOCT has been producing shows for over 25 years now. We shoot hundreds of shows in the studio each year, while covering local events in the city and neighboring cities outside the station.

Check back here at the Insider’s Look for our latest projects, as well as information on where we’ll be shooting next! This week we have a Journalist Roundtable LIVE episode being shot in the studio, so check back for photos and a show recap! In fact, we have lots of new shows being shot in the studio this month. Our Production Team is made up of very talented individuals all working to make these shows the very best. A typical studio crew consists of a director, assistant director, audio technician, floor director, camera operators and, of course, the hardworking producers that plan and execute the show. You’ll find that here on the blog different crew members will write about their different jobs and how putting a studio show comes together.

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