A look at some of KOCT’s shows…

Priscilla Wells
Executive Assistant

Hi! I’m Priscilla Wells, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director here at KOCT. In addition to performing your typical administrative duties, I also produce (book the guests) for many of KOCT’s programs such as Journalist Roundtable, Voice of Oceanside and Oceanside Spectrum.

Journalist Roundtable is the only LIVE program KOCT produces right here at our KOCT Studios. It’s a topical monthly program in which local journalists interview local current newsmakers of the day with topics leaning toward the controversial side. This is one of the more ‘stressful’ shows to produce because it is taped LIVE but it also one of our most viewed programs.

Oceanside Spectrum is geared specifically for nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations and schools. This program is a venue for organizations to get the word out about an upcoming event, solicit volunteers or just to talk about their good works (for free!). The show is taped monthly and guests and organizations call me to book their spot several weeks in advance. Our program host, Elaine Swann, is a lively fun hostess making this a very popular show with our guests.

Voice of Oceanside, the longest running cable television show in San Diego County, is a monthly show focusing on one specific theme but with various guests speaking on different areas of expertise. The Executive Director and I decide on a main topic, then I contact and invite local guests to appear on the hour-long show. After the guests are confirmed, I hand over the information to the Associate Producer who writes the script for the program host, John Bonosoro. We tape the show and usually air it the following month.

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