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The Spectacle of 3DTV (Part 1) – Let’s start with the glasses

Many of us probably remember those cyan-red cardboard 3D glasses, right? Hopefully by now you’ve heard of or experienced first hand the latest innovations of the film and television industry in the realm of 3D. From the inflated fees at … Continue reading

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PEG and The Perfect Storm – Episode 1

PEG is facing more challenges today than at any time since her creation. Public-Education & Government access stations (more than 3,000 exist in the USA) are facing a perfect storm that has eliminated many and threatens more. What is going … Continue reading

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This month on Living Legacies

Living Legacies is a show that KOCT has produced in its studio for several years now, and has become a great collection of half-hour episodes. The show features one guest at a time, as host Tom Morrow interviews about his … Continue reading

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KOCT – Oceanside’s Documentarian

One of the most valuable and unique television formats that KOCT excels at is long form documentary programs. We’ve made in-depth documentaries on subjects such as the creation of Oceanside’s Charles Moore-designed Civic Center; reconstruction of the Oceanside pier; restoration … Continue reading

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KOCT Open House & Forum

On Friday, February 11th, KOCT hosted an Open House and Forum for the public. In attendance were over a hundred guests, all of whom were able to take an exciting tour of the studio and participate in a Q & … Continue reading

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KOCT’s Role in the Community – How PEG shines a light on our City Council meetings

I’ve told you about PEG and the many services she provides. (Now let’s not get nasty here—I’m talking about the Public, Education and Government access programming shown on KOCT.) But I can hear some of you asking, “Why should I … Continue reading

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KOCT Insider’s Look

Welcome to the KOCT Insider’s Look. I’m Julia, and I’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes of our studio shows and many programs we produce here at the station. KOCT has been producing shows for over 25 years now. We shoot hundreds … Continue reading

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